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Our Variety Is Our Strength

Cyber Security scenario had changed dramatically in India in the recent past where SGSK as an organization caters to the need of technology based risk management & cyber security solution in India. By this time it has gathered a good deal of momentum and has reached a distinguished position out of the leading firms in this domain in the country. About SGSK, we provide all sorts of solutions to our clients & protect them from the manifold of cyber-attacks they are exposed to in their day-to-day activities. The Cyber Security Scenario in India has witnessed a high demand of cyber security to protect from Cyber threats. 

Our expertise lies in WAPT(Web Application Penetration Testing), NPT(Network Penetration Testing), Android App Penetration Testing, Hack Proof website development, White Hat Digital Marketing to rank high in search engines, Source code review for Android Application and Web site, secure Android App Development for businesses and Digital Forensics and Data Recovery services to corporate houses and government agencies to track cyber criminals.


A Thought by Analysis

Silicon Valley-based TaaSera said India, host to some of the world’s biggest IT service companies, was vulnerable to cyber crimes on account of its growing economic progress.Increasing smartphone use, online transactions and the government’s “Digital India” initiative are opening up opportunities in an industry that is worth $77 billion globally. The number of cybercrimes in India may reach 300,000 in 2015, almost double the level of last year, according to an ASSOCHAM-Mahindra SSG study conducted this year. That compares better than the number of reported instances in developed nations.A PWC study of 2014 said the average number of security incidents detected in each of the 500 organisations they surveyed in 2013 was 135 about per organization.


However, industry experts say the number of crimes reported in India is not a good measure for comparison, given the absence of disclosure laws. “The point is India does not have public disclosure as law, unlike in the United States and many parts of the western world,” said Ranndeep Chonker, director of global solutions at FireEye. “A lot of information about such breaches gets swept under the carpet. ”US-based FireEye Inc, which works with both the government and companies, said it was on track to spend $50 million on its India R & D center for the five years to 2018. “The amount of breaches in the western world is maybe two times, or three times, of that in India. But India is the IT back office of the world. If that image suffers, of our capabilities of IT and ITES, there’s a lot to lose,” Chonker said. The global IT security market is estimated to be worth $77 billion in 2015 and growing at more than 8 per cent annually, according to Indian industry body NASSCOM. The group recently tied up with security company Symantec Corp to train Indians to deal with cyber threats. They want to increase the number of trained cyber security professionals in the country to a million from 63,200.Refer to NDTV News for more details.


The vision lies not only in guarding against the security concerns of these highly technical oriented companies but also in making India, rather Digital India to be more precise hack proof by our constant endeavor. With this broad vision in view we are striving forward leaving no stone unturned to prepare the ground for a safe and secure cyber world so that the succeeding generation is free from the scourge of cyber crime and criminals. Our vision also encompasses in dispersing the awareness of cyber crime vise a vise its security as we believe that it is owing to ignorance and negligence that cyber security has undergone a shattering blow in the present I.T. world scenario.


Their aim is to squeeze out sensitive information about your company thereby damaging your business and putting your company’s reputation at peril. In these circumstances it is of utmost importance to have a solid and powerful line of defense against these cyber attacks and threats which may come in any form & from any source (network, applications, devices) resulting into violation of data integrity, network vulnerability, system compromise, Denial or Interruption of Services (DoS) attack, viruses & Trojan attacks, etc.


  • Practical based classes.

  • Interesting Live Projects.

  • Recorded videos of each class.

  • Learn online through web platforms like (zoom,google meet, etc).

  • Free tools, notes, etc.

  • Life time support.

  • Free PDFs for self study

The dedication of our unit in meeting the objectives of our clients is beyond question. Our experts are constantly rethinking and formulating strategies to counteract all possible cyber security issues to assure that your company is not affected by cyber attacks. Our holistic and ever active approach is something that makes us stand out from the rest. The structured and tested methodology that we use together with the best-in-breed tools makes us truly a force to reckon with who can give any security voyage the exhilaration of success.

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