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c & c++

C and C++ Programming are must to learn for every one who are interested in programming and want to start their career in software industry. It is the basic foundation of any programming languages. All the programming languages like java, c# or any object oriented programming language are all inherited from c and c++.

In this course you will learn all the basic fundamentals of c and c++ from scratch then proceed to advanced topics.

In this course each and every topic is explained with example programs to understand the concepts better, there are many practical examples in this course, You will Learn the course by practicing the code as you go along with the course.

Course Rating | 4.0

Rs- 9999/-

Rs- 3999/- Only


* 80% Lab Module

* Complete c & c++ Module

* Learn from Industry Expert

* Basic Computer Knowledge Required

* Genuine Certificate


* Supportive Notes

* After Class Support

* 24x7 Support

* Recorded Video Session

* Partly Payment Facility


1) Learn from industry experts who have over 5+ Years Industry Experience

C & C++ Developer average salary ₹ 1.9 Lakhs to ₹ 12.3

3) Demand for Developer  increasing day by day.

4) Become Certified C & C++ Developer

Payment Mode

Partly payment options are available

Registration Fee   -            Rs. 999/-

1st Installment Fee -          Rs. 1000/-

2nd Installment Fee -         Rs. 1000/-

3rd Installment Fee -          Rs. 1000/-

Mobile: 9798112639

Course Content

C Programming

  • Introduction Of Programming Language

  • "C" Token

  • Control Statement & Expresions

  • looping

  • Array and Strings

  • function

  • Pointer

  • Structure & Union

  • File handling

  • Dynamic Memory Allocatin

  • Storage Classes and Pre-processor

  • Project

C++ Programming

  • Introduction to Object oriented Programming

  • C++ Tokens and Type casting

  • Classes & objects

  • Functions in C++

  • Constructor & Destructor

  • Operator Overloading

  • Inheritance

  • Working with Files

  • Exception Handling

  • Project


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