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Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical Hacking with live hands-on that covers many foundational topics such as a day in the life on an ethical hacker, what does an ethical hacker do on a day to day basis? How much can he or she earn? What type of assessments might an ethical hacker perform? Global cyber security industry need for ethical hackers and penetration testers. By doing this Ethical Hacking course the candidates will delve deep into cyber security issues and challenges, understanding vulnerabilities and performing penetration strategies and finding the flaws and suggest proactive measures, defense mechanisms, compliances and management.

Course Rating | 4.9

Rs- 11999/-


* 80% Lab Module

* Complete Ethical  Hacking Module

* Learn from LPT (Master)

* Basic Networking Required

* Genuine Certificate


1) Learn from industry experts who have over 5+ Years Industry Experience

2) Ethical Hacker Salary ₹501,191 average

3) Demand for Ethical Hackers will increase to 80% by 2021

4) Become Certified Ethical Hacker.

Rs- 6999/- Only


* Supportive Notes

* After Class Support

* 24x7 Support

* Recorded Video Session

* Partly Payment Facility

Payment Mode

Partly payment options are available

Registration Fee   -            Rs. 999/-

1st Installment Fee -          Rs. 2000/-

2nd Installment Fee -         Rs. 2000/-

3rd Installment Fee -          Rs. 2000/-

Mobile: 9798112639

10% Off


Course Content


  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Day1)

  • Legality and Ethics (Day 1)

  • Networking & Basics (Day 1)


  • Foot Printing (Day 2)

  • Google Hacking (Day 2)


  • Scanning (Day 3)
    Enumeration (Day 3)


  • Sniffing (Day 4)

  •  MiTM (Day 5)


  • System Hacking (Day 6)

  •  Metasploit (Day 7)


  • Previlage Escalation (Day 8)


  • Steganography (Day 9)

  •  Denial of Service Attack (Day 10)


  • Malware and RAT (Day 11)


  • WiFi Hacking (Day 12)


  • Web Application Scanning (Day 13)


  • SQLi (Day 14)



  • XSS (Day 15)


  • CSRF (Day 16)

  • File inclusion (Day 16)

  • Session Hijacking (Day 16)



  • Phishing Attack (Day 17)

  •  Cryptography (Day 18)


  • Covering Tracks (Day 19)

  • IP Spoofing (Day 19)

  • Email Spoofing (Day 19)

  • MAC spoofing (Day 19)


  • IDS (Day 20)


A Certified Ethical Hacker holds the reins of network and system security tightly in his hands. CEH v11 is the latest addition to this certification. The extensive practical training provided by CEH training in Kolkata equips live projects and simulations. EH course in Kolkata by SGSK is among the best in India with around 100+ students acquiring EH certification from SGSK are placed in different companies across the globe.

SGSK Cyber Security Solutions have 130+ trainers who are professional Ethical Hackers working in different MNCs like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, ATOS, Intel and are also members of our research & development team. All the trainers are geographically located in different areas provide online training on Ethical Hacking. All the EH training classes are held through an application where the faculty and the students are LIVE interacting with each other over the internet. All the classes are recorded and uploaded in our online portal “ HACKERS LAB “ where all students have lifetime access. We guarantee your satisfaction or we pay back your course fee. There will be 3 instructors dedicated to individual batch which will carry on for 3 months

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