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Java training in Kolkata by SGSK provides hands on training in Java programming and focuses on security issues. SGSK Cyber Security Solutions training unit in Kolkata is recognized as the best technical training unit in the cyber security space. With prime focus in cyber security we provide secured coding in java for aspiring students who want themselves to be placed in MNCs as a developer in Java.

Our Java training in Kolkata provides hands on lab training where students not only learn java programming but also how to avoid common mistakes which causes hackers to hack websites developed by java developers. Our Java trainers are Oracle Java certified and are CEHv9 certified working as code reviewers in different MNCs. In this Java training program you will learn the secured coding on Java, Java basics, OOPs concept in Java, Exception Handling in Java training, Swing. We provide placement assistance for our Java training students in Kolkata.


Course Rating | 4.0

Rs- 7999/-


* 80% Lab Module

* Complete JAVA Module

* Learn from Industry Expert

* Basic Computer Knowledge Required

* Genuine Certificate

Rs- 3999/- Only


* Supportive Notes

* After Class Support

* 24x7 Support

* Recorded Video Session

* Partly Payment Facility


1) Learn from industry experts who have over 5+ Years Industry Experience

2) Java Developer Annual Salary $47,169

3) Demand for Java Developer will increase to 80% by 2022

4) Become Certified Java Developer

Payment Mode

Partly payment options are available

Registration Fee   -            Rs. 999/-

1st Installment Fee -          Rs. 3000/-

2nd Installment Fee -         Rs. 2000/-

3rd Installment Fee -          Rs. 2000/-

Mobile: 9798112639

10% Off


Course Content


  • Introduction to Java (Properties, Oops, JDK & JVM & JRE) 4 Hours - 5 Topics

  • Why Java is called Platform Independent? (Explanation with practical Architecture)

  • Methods and Variable types (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Data types with sizes (Theory and Example)

  • Class, objects (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Method overloading (Theory and 3 Examples)


  • Concept of Constructor 2 Hours - 3 Topics

  • What is Constructor (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Specification and Constructor Types (Theory and 1 Example each of Constructor types)

  • Constructor Techniques(Constructor Overloading Copy Constructor) (Theory and 2 Examples)


  • Encapsulation 2 Hours - 1 Topic

  • Advantages of Using Encapsulation in Java (Theory and 2 Examples)



  • Inheritance Concepts and Java Keywords 4 Hours - 3 Topics

  • Advantages, features of Inheritance (Theory and 3 Examples)

  • Method Overriding (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Discussion about Keywords (this, super, final, static ) (Theory and 2 examples each)


  • Access Modifiers and Packages 4 Hours - 2 Topics

  • Use of Access modifiers in Java Programming (Theory and 2 Examples of Default, Private, Public and Protected access modifiers)

  • Types of Packages and its implementation (Theory and 2 Examples)


  • Concept of Polymorphism 2 Hours - 1 Topic

  • Types and implementation in programming (Theory and 3 Examples)


  • Abstraction and Scanner Class 4 Hours - 3 Topics

  • How to achieve abstraction in Java? (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Abstract keyword,Abstract Class, Interface (Theory and 3 Examples each)

  • Importance of Scanner Class in Programming (Theory and 4 Examples)


  • Exception Handling in Java 2 Hours - 2 Topics

  • What is Exception and it's types (Theory and 3 Examples)

  • Use of Java Exception Handling Keywords (try, catch, finally, throw, throws) (Theory and 2 Examples each)


  • Thread Programming 4 Hours - 3 Topics

  • Advantages, Concept of Multithreading, Lifecycle (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • Creating Thread, Thread Scheduler, Sleeping, joining a thread (Theory and 2 Examples each)

  • Thread priority and synchronization (Theory and 2 Examples each)


  • GUI Concepts and Application Development 4 Hours - 3 Topics

  • Java AWT, Event-Handling (Theory and 3 Examples each)

  • Java Applet (Theory and 4 Examples each)

  • Java Swing (Theory and 4 Applications each)


  • Connectivity in Java 4 Hours - 4 Topics

  • Concepts of JDBC (Java Data Base Connection) (Theory)

  • API (Theory)

  • Interfaces (Theory)

  • JDBC programming (3 Examples)


  • Java I/O 2 Hours - 2 Topics

  • Reading and Writing file and data/Object (Theory and 4 Examples)

  • Serialization and De-Serialization (Theory and 2 Examples)



  • Wrapper Class & Java Strings

  • Concepts of auto-boxing and un-boxing (Theory and 2 Examples)

  • What is String ?How to create String? (Theory and 3 Examples)

  • Java String Buffer and String Builder (Theory and 5 Examples each)


  • Projects on Java Swing and JDBC 3 Hours - 2 Topics

  • Implement Jdbc -Swing GUI Application to Store, Update, Delete and View the Employee Details (Emp_Id, Emp_Name, Emp_Address, Emp_DOB, Emp_Salary) (Front End- UI Designing in JFrame form and Back End: Java Coding and Database connection between Java and Oracle Database)

  • Implement Registration Form GUI Application Using Java Swing(Front End- UI Designing in JFrame form and Back End: Java Coding) etc.



Students who are willing to learn Android Penetration testing should know Java programming so to understand android functionality. SGSK Cyber Security Solutions Kolkata training unit had conducted java training program successfully from last 5 years. SGSK had successfully trained more than 300 students from different engineering and technical student across all colleges in Kolkata. With around 5 start rating from our student we are proud to be the best java training institute in Kolkata. We provide week end and week days classes for java training for students who want to go for Java training in summer internship and winter internship programs.

Java Training in Kolkata is also available online where we provide LIVE classes to individuals just like having a private tuition. SGSK Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ java programmers who are working professionals working in different organizations geographically located in different locations.

All the java programming courses are held in an online software where students and the faculty be LIVE online and share their screen. Best part of this java programming course online is you get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in YouTube where you can access it for lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials. All the online classes are held from 8.00 P.M IST – 10.00 P.M IST. We provide two days’ classes per week for 3 months.

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