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"Hacking is not just a piece of cake"

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

"Hacking is not just a piece of cake"

After searching alot of things, we're writing this today. Everyone has interest in hacking, its good no issue with it. But atleast you should know when and at what time you should learn it. Just by seeing some sponsered advertisements don't make yourself fall in trap. Before applying in any hacking course you should know, what are the prerequisites of Ethical Hacking.

Institutes won't tell such which we're going to tell today.

The Basic Prerequisites one should know before enrolling into any hacking course.

* One must have basic knowledge of computer system.

* One must know different types of computer hardware/components.

* One must have knowledge regarding virtualization.

* One must understand the code. Good at one programming language will be a plus point.

* One must know what actually ETHICAL means.

*One must know the basic requirements of a system for hacking.

If you really want to be a highly paid hacker, Follow these!!! Invest your money in proper place where you get quality learning not quantity. Start with basics, then enroll for Networking courses then if you can enroll for programming courses then.. or else go for ethical hacking course!..

"Hacking is not just a piece of Cake"

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