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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

  • Keep your OS and antivirus up to date.

Software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security holes.They can also improve the stability of your software, and remove outdated features. All of these updates are aimed at making the user experience better.

The same is true for keeping antivirus software up to date. Antivirus software helps keep a computer protected from the latest threats, including viruses, worms, and spyware.However, cybercriminals are always working to try to stay one step ahead of antivirus software manufacturers.


  • Always use a strong password.

It is very important for us to use a strong password.Now you might be thinking that what contains a strong password right. A strong password must contain an uppercase & lowercase alphabet, symbols and numbers.

For example,

a normal pass - rahul12345

a strong pass- $$¢¢%RaHul19735%¢¢$$.


  • Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication always utilizes two of these factors to verify the user's identity. Multi-factor authentication could involve two of the factors or it could involve all three. “Multi-factor” just means any number of factors greater than one.

For example,

If you use two-factor for your gmail account,then every time you’ll be asked to give otp for signing in. First you need to type your password then otp.


  • Backup your data regularly.

Here, you need to backup your data regularly because if you lost your data for some reason or maybemay be someone encrypts your data and in return demands money you can leave that.When you have a backup point you don't need to worry about anything right.


  • Do not use public wifi.

If you use public wifi then there is a chance of revealing your identity publically. How? when you are connected on a public connection someone may get accessget a access to your device, by the help of ip address. In a case it is seen that a person got hacked while he was surfing the Internetsurfing Internet on a public wifi.


  • Keep a record of permissions you have given to your mobile applications.

When an application is being installed on a smartphonesmart phone, it asks for some permissions.Do have a record of such, that which application is using permission of your storage, camera, mic, location, etc. If you seeseen something unusual do uninstall it.


  • Never click on any pop-up window.

Whatever browser you're using, goto settings and block pop-up windows. If you still get some don't click over that. Pop-up scams are at peek. Many people got targeted by hackers in this scam. Generally scammers or hackers use flipkart, amazon , netflix pop-up windows to attract people.


  • Do Not use the same passwords for different accounts.

People generally make thedo a mistake of keeping the samekeeping same passwords for different accounts.If you do so, you’llso you’ll be in big trouble some day. Let me explain how, suppose your facebook password is - abc1234567 and your gmail password is also - abc1234567 then what is going to happen is, if someone hacked your gmail account then he/she will comecame to know about your password. Now if the hacker searched for your facebook id he can get access to your facebook too, without attempting any attack right. For strong password reference goto point number 2.

Points to be noted :-

*Don’t use the same password everywhere.

*Don't use the same gmail,yahoo,rediff,etc for different social networking sites.

*Use strong passwords.


  • Try to learn about phishing scams.

This is important because if you know about the tricks what hackers do then there is a less chance of getting hacked. Learn about phishing links, fake calls, prize money texts, etc.


  • Do Not click on any links which contain prize money.

These types of links contain malicious softwares, which can give you device’s access to the hacker. So never click on links which show a "you have won 500000 lakhs,click on the link to avail it". Try to learn about the difference between http,https and what a link contains which you got from someone.


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