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Web Application Penetration Testing course in Kolkata focuses on finding flaws and is done by simulating unauthorized attacks internally or externally to get access to sensitive data.. SGSK is proud to be listed among the best penetration testing institute in Kolkata . Before you enroll for Web App  Penetration Testing training in Kolkata you should know about ethical hacking. Or you can enroll for the ethical hacking training course. Penetration testing is a process of evaluating an organizational IT infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist in an operating system, service, or application loopholes. These assessments are done by organizations to evaluate the defense mechanism of the IT infrastructure. In the web app penetration testing course in Kolkata, one will learn how to carry out a successful penetration test that actually mimics the real-world attack and generate a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing report for the organization.


Course Rating | 4.0

Rs- 14999/-


* 80% Lab Module

* Complete Web App Penetration Testing

* Learn from Certified Hackers

 Ethical Hacking  Basic Required

* Genuine Certificate

Rs- 7999/- Only


* Supportive Notes

* After Class Support

* 24x7 Support

* Recorded Video Session

* Partly Payment Facility


1) Learn from industry experts who have over 5+ Years Industry Experience

2) WAPT Annual Salary 10,80,703 average

3) Demand for Penetration Tester will increase to 80% by 2022

4) Become Certified Penetration Tester

Payment Mode

Partly payment options are available

Registration Fee   -            Rs. 999/-

1st Installment Fee -          Rs. 3000/-

2nd Installment Fee -         Rs. 2000/-

3rd Installment Fee -          Rs. 2000/-

Mobile: 9798112639

10% Off


Course Content


  • Introduction, OWASP Top 10 2 Hours - Day 1


  • Installing Lab 2 Hours - Day 2


  • Enumeration 2 Hours - Day 3


  • Vulnerability Scanning 2 Hours - Day 4


  • Introduction to burpsuite,Authentication bypass using burpsuite 2 Hours - Day 5


  • Html injection, Introduction about cookie 2 Hours - Day 6


  • XSS (reflected, stored, DOM) 2 Hours - Day 7


  • XSS Advance 2 Hours - Day 8


  • Introduction to BeeF and browser Hijack 2 Hours - Day 9


  • Cookie stealing and session Hijack 2 Hours - Day 10


  • Broken Access Control 2 Hours - Day 11


  • Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities 2 Hours - Day 13



  • Uploading web shell 2 Hours - Day 14


  • Uploading web shell filter bypass Evaluation 2 Hours - Day 15


  • Path traversal, LFI and RFI basic 2 Hours - Day 16

  • LFI RFI advance 2 Hours - Day 17

  • Lab solving 2 Hours - Day 18

  • Lab solving 2 Hours - Day 19

  • Lab solving 2 Hours - Day 20


  • Broken session and security misconfiguration 2 Hours - Day 12


Certified web penetration testing course in Kolkata is also available in online mode where we provide LIVE classes to individuals very similar to having private tuition. SGSK Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ professional penetration tester who are working in different organizations geographically located in different locations. All the certified web penetration testing course in Kolkata is held on online software where the students and the faculty go LIVE together. The faculty and students discuss their doubts, solve situation-based problems, and take small tests to check the level of understanding of the concepts with the help of frequent quizzes. The best part about this certified web penetration testing course in Kolkata is you get all your LIVE class recordings available on our YouTube channel where you can access it for a lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials. Thus this ensures that your learning about the web penetration testing course in Kolkata remains available with you for your complete lifetime.

The best web penetration testing training institute in Kolkata with hands-on training in the lab from the professional penetration tester is provided by the SGSK Cyber Security Solutions. This certified web penetration testing course in Kolkata is designed in such a way that an individual gets the maximum practical knowledge. At our training center, we bring in guest faculties from the industry who have made their presence count in the nation, where they can share their practical experience with the course takers. Being the best web penetration testing training institute in Kolkata, we aim to make you placement ready after the end of the course.

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